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In the past few years Magisk gained a lot of trust and gratitude from users and today this amazing rooting tool has becoming one of the best and fastest way to Root any type of Android device running Android Lollipop 5.0 or above. As you already know Magik is the only complete universal and systemless rooting tool that has ever developed on jailbreak history. The full ownership of this amazing Android Rooting tool goes to XDA Developer topjohnwu and for his crew and you can find out easy ways to Magisk Download on your device from our download section below.

The Reasons Why You Need Magisk Root

5 Main Features of Magisk That You Must Know About

  1. Magisk Hide - This will allows you to bypass the security barriers while you using certain games and Android Pay. you can also disable this feature from the App Settings easily.
  2. Install Feature - You can use this section to Install, update or remove Magisk from your device.
  3. Superuser - This feature will only work if you root your device using MagiskSU and superuser will manage root permissions, switch loggins and root notifications for Apps as well.
  4. Modules - You can use this function to control modules on your Android device and you can enable, disable or delete them with use of Modules feature easily.
  5. Downloads - This tool helps you to find the modules inside the Magisk repo and helps you to install them on your device.

Magisk Root Versions

Magisk V12.0
Magisk V14.0
Magisk V15.3
Magisk V16.0(Latest Release)

We recommend you to always download the latest version as it includes bug fixes and more advanced features that you might fall in love with.

Magisk Download Guidance for You

Download the correct and safe tool to for root your Android is the first obstacle that any Android user had to face in their rooting life and I hope you already passed that point and pick the correct Root tool Magisk Download for your Android device. Anyhow as you know Magisk includes so many other things besides root and MagiskSU is the section that helps you to Root your Android OS. As we already know root is not an easy process and it needs your 100% full attention until the whole process ends as well. So once you finish the latest Magisk Download on your device, we recommend you to follow the exact correct steps that I mentioned above. If you have any future questions about Magisk Download, feel free to contact us anytime you need.

Magisk Root Latest Version 5.9.1 Released! (September 1, 2018)

Magisk 5.9.1 (Latest Version)

Magisk Manager Latest v5.9.1 is just released. If you are not rooted your device with this amazing systemless-ly tool, it’s time for you to make a real change in your Android device. You can download Magisk Root Latest Version v5.9.1 in our download section below. If your device is already rooted with magisk, you can update it now in your Magisk Manager easily.

Features v5.9.1

Download Magisk Manager Latest APK Versions

Magisk 5.8.1
Magisk 5.8.0