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As we all know, there is currently only one safe way to root your android Oreo and it is Magisk Root which has been gaining popularity lately. Latest versions of Magisk Root method were reported to work fine with Android O developer preview builds, and fortunately, the final release Android Oreo support this as well. Before you going to Root Android Oreo With Magisk, you need to get an idea of what is root and what is Oreo. Following details will help you to Root Android Oreo With Magisk easily.  

Root Android With Magisk

What is Root and Why You Should Root Your Android Device?

Rooting is a process that allows you to gain full root access to the Android operating system code. It’s the same process of Jailbreaking on iOS. Root your Android device gives you privileges to modify the software code on the device or install other software that the manufacturer wouldn’t allow you to. If you are done with your current Android Apps and all the limitations that android have given you, then you should go for it. Believe or not, Even Google is pretty cool with this whole rooting thing. You can find tons of apps designed to run on rooted Android devices in the Google Play store as well. So rooting will expand your device’s features so if you willing to Root your android device, I think you should go for it.

About Android Oreo                                                         

Oreo (Android O) is the eighth major version of the Android mobile operating system developed by Android. According to the wiki, Oreo first released as an alpha quality developer preview in March 2017 and released to the public on 21st August 2017. The Sony Xperia XZ1 is the first device available with Oreo pre-installed.

Main Features of Android Oreo

There are so many features of Oreo. here are some of them.

  • PIP(Picture in Picture) mode
  • New notification features. (Notification channels, Notification Dots, Snoozing notifications etc.)
  • Autofill Framework
  • Downloadable fonts
  • Adaptive icons
  • Colour management
  • Autosizing TextView
  • Multi-display support
  • Strong battery life

How to Root Android Oreo With Magisk?

Magisk is a 100% free Android Root tool and there are so many ways to download Magisk on your device for free as well. You can find those methods by simply searching on your web browser and download Magisk Root on your device free. Once you complete download, feel free to reach the link that I mentioned above to Root your device safely.

Safty Note For Users

Before you going to Root Android Oreo With Magisk, you must know about the risks that you are going to face by rooting your android device.

  • Root can brick your device.

If something went wrong in your rooting process your device might get bricked.

  • Cancel the warranty.

Root your Android device will cancel the Android warranty. No matter whether it’s unrooted, they will find it out and cancel their service for your device.

  • Update Problems

If your Android device is rooted, there is a high risk of getting stopped while in the updating process due to software modifications.

So before you going to Root Android Oreo With Magisk, you must consider these facts also.

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