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Magisk Manager Latest version 5.7.0 was finally released on last week and now you can download it for 100% free from our download section below. This article might help you to find out everything that you need to know about Magisk Manager as well.  As we know Magisk is one of the most famous Android Rooting tool and apart from root Magisk Manager allow you gain so many additional stuff that goes beyond the normal Android Root. Even Though Magisk Manager is new to the Rooting industry, more than one million users have already rooted their Android devices with the help of the amazing tool safely.

Magisk Manager Latest
Download Magisk Manager Latest Version v5.7.0

Magisk Manager

Magisk Manager is known as one of the most well-known tool to root Android and since the first day of release, more than 1 million Android users have used this amazing tool to root their Android devices as well. As we know chainfire’s SuperSU is also one of the most famous systemless rooting tool. But it is found out that SuperSU does not allow Google SafetyNet and Magisk Manager is the best solution and the best alternative for SuperSU as well.

MagiskSU vs SuperSU

Magisk Manager Latest
Magisk Manager Latest

As we know SuperSU was one of the most well known Android Rooting tool developed by senior xda developer ‘Chainfire’. It was very popular until Google release Android 6.0 Marshmallow with some advanced security methods. As a result of that most of the SuperSU used Rooted devices got restrictions in using certain Apps. Google SafetyNet was the API that monitors the device system and blocks the apps if it detected a Root. So if you Root your device with SuperSU you won’t be able to use Google Pay or Netflix as well. Anyhow SuperSU was failed, and after several months one of the junior Xda developer topjohnwu released Magisk Manager as a systemless Rooting tool which allows users to Root Android without even touching the system files. Magisk Manager only modifies the boot partitions and it won’t affect in your system files as well. As a result of this research now you can bypass Google SafetyNet and is the only solution for that issue as well

Magisk Manager Latest Versions

Magisk Manager was first released in 2016 and since then there were so many new versions released by topjohnwu and I have mentioned some of the latest versions below.

  • Magisk Manager v4.3.3.
  • Magisk Manager v5.0.6
  • Magisk Manager v5.1.1
  • Magisk Manager v5.3.0
  • Magisk Manager v5.4.0
  • Magisk Manager v5.6.4
  • Magisk Manager v5.7.0 (Latest)

We recommend you to download Magisk Manager Latest versions v5.7.0 as it includes all the bug fixes and nea features as well.

Download Magisk Manager Latest Version 5.7.0

Magisk is a 100% free open source rooting tool. As a result of that, there are so many sites which offer free download links and you can find those by searching in your web browser easily. But as there are so many fake and malware-infected websites, we highly recommend you to use Magisk Manager official website to download Magisk Manager Latest v5.7.0 on your Android device for free.

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