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What is Android Root?

Android Root is a process of gaining administrative level privileges by going through some limitations and restrictions of your Android OS. Android root gains you 100% true ownership of your device and you can use those privileges to do anything you want to do on your Android OS.

What is Magisk Root?

Magisk Root is one of the most well known 100% free Android Root tools which allows you to Root almost every version of Android. Magisk Root is just a part of Magisk and you can also have so many additional new features with Magisk as well.

Can I Download Magisk Root for Free?

Yes! You can download Magisk Root for 100% free from our download section on

Can I hide Root with Magisk Root?

Yes! you can hide Root with the help of Magisk Hide feature in Magisk manager easily. This will also help you to bypass some serious google security barriers while using the web as well.

Can I Use Netflix in Rooted Device?

Yes! with the help of Magisk Hide function in Magisk Manager, you can hide Root and use almost any type of an app which not supports Rooted devices easily.

Can Pass Google SafetyNet Check in my Android?

Yes! you can go through those SafetyNet security methods of google by turn on the Magisk Hide feature on your Rooted device easily.

Can We Root Android Nougat with Magisk Root?

No. Magisk Root only supports on Android 5.0(Lollipop) or below.