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2020 Magisk Manager APK is on the long run of winning more users and space on the internet. Even though the application stepped onto cyberspace recently, many updates and versions came out on and off to fix bugs and bypass the restrictions further imposed on the device by the device operating system and manufacturers.

2020 Magisk Manager APK Changelog

Magisk Manager APK cannot be beaten by any other contemporary rooting application or tool because of the well timed updates and enhancements. The more problems and and restrictions you get on your device, the more solutions Magisk Root provides to its loyal users. Take a look at this article to run through the 2020 Magisk Manager. 

Key features of 2020 Magisk Manager APK changelog

  • Operating interactive communication between root request prompts.
  • 2020 Magisk Manager changelog fix logging is kmsg.
  • Brace patching of partition formats.
  • The backup format of magisk stock image is updated in 2020 Magisk Manager APK.
  • Advanced Addon support in both first and second versions are possible with Magisk Manager APK.
  • 2020 Magisk  Manager APK has space to switch off MagiskHide by default.
  • Probable bugs fixes on bootloop  are made in A only 2SI devices. 
  • The changelog of 2020 Magisk Manager APK aids in Tegra partition naming.
  • API level detection on some of the devices are enabled with fallback method.
  • Standalone mode is set on motion. Further details will come along with the release note.
  • The Magisk HIde module paves the path to add more detectable system features.

The list of Magisk versions

  • Magisk 19.1
  • Magisk 19.3
  • Magisk 19,4
  • Magisk 20.0
  • Magisk 20.2
  • Magisk 20.3
  • Magisk 20.4

Devices that support Magisk Manager APK Latest Version

It is well known that Magisk Manager APK is specially designed for Android Operating system supporting devices. Device manufacturers like Samsung, Sony Xperia, Motorola, Huawei, LG, HTC and etc give space for it’s users to experience Magisk APK. Henceforth, almost all types of Android OS supporting devices have access to 2020 Magisk Manager software. Moreover all Android versions above 4.2 are supported by Magisk Manager. Get access to thousands of third party and unsupported apps that are restricted and blocked by the device you own with this simple and safe systemless root methodology. 

Magisk Manager APK App summary

App NameMagisk Manager
App Size1.85 MB
Android version4.2+
Downloads50 000 000 +
Last Updated10, January, 2020
Main FeatureMagisk Hide


Changes are necessary to survive the  rapidly changing competitive world today. Likewise, all the changes incurred by 2020 Magisk Manager 2020 APK are based on the betterment of the user experience. Embrace these changes that  bring you high convenience and real comfort in using the app to support unsupported applications and features on your device. Magisk Manager will not finish the race now but strive to serve the users with more updates and changelogs later tomorrow or in the recent future.

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